About Us


In a world where we all want “value” and where there’s plenty of options where to spend our discretionary time (and money), you would ask yourself the obvious question ... why spend it with “LATMA”? The National Board of LATMA Australia continues to focus on this very question to ensure its members get maximum “value” for their membership. We will continue to develop programs and features and events that improve this equation, and always welcome additional thoughts how we can do better.

For now, here are some key benefits you get from membership:

There are opportunities to communicate with people involved in both parts of the supply chain. It is the key organization in our industry that involves suppliers and converters, and is a forum that leaves the normal selling and competing aside to spend some time discussing the good of the overall industry.

This continues to be the primary focus for LATMA Australia and each year they will be offering conferences, seminars and training programs to improve your business. It is a wayp to get access to these valuable (and expensive) resources that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for most small to mid-size companies.

There are opportunities for Australian companies to interact and compete with others around the world. The National Conference is a key event, and of course there’s opportunities to compete in the Annual National and International Label Awards. It’s a real opportunity to give yourself credibility with your customers, i.e. being recognized with these awards.

Aside from all of that, yes we do have a bit of “fun” along the way ... and why not??